Aureus is a blockchain based crypto-asset. It is unique among other crypto-assets in that it derives its value not just from the crypto economy but from the real-world economy. Aureus is built from the ground-up on a blockchain modeled after the highly successful Bitcoin protocol.

Aureus investors will be able to handle Aureus as they do any other crypto token. Aureus combines the best of both worlds, providing the flexibility, liquidity, and accessibility of crypto-assets combined with returns derived from the real-world economy. The goal of Aureus is to enable investors from the world over to invest in local economies via the power of decentralized blockchain technology, and help provide them with risk-adjusted returns superior to what they can find locally.

Aureus derives its ultimate value through the Aureus Bitcoin Trust, a fund consisting of Bitcoin held for investment. This trust is stewarded by the management team at the consultancy of Cryptocrest. The consultancy is mandated to manage this Aureus Bitcoin Trust to provide returns in the best interest of investors. The initial reserve is 15,000 BTC.

An increase in value of the Aureus token comes from the investment competency of Cryptocrest, which has a proven experience in managing large sums of money for investors in the regular economy. Thus, investors will benefit not just from the use of Aureus as a crypto-token, but also from the increase in value of the Aureus Bitcoin Trust. Returns generated by the Aureus Bitcoin Trust are distributed to the Aureus token holders. Investors are therefore provided with multiple sources of returns.

Click here to download the full Aureus Whitepaper.

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