The Aureus Crypto-Token is the first of its kind, being backed by a Bitcoin reserve, while rewarding holders with dividends generated from stewarding the capital by experienced financiers. Aureus will issue a maximum of  21 million AUR tokens over the course of 3 years on a blockchain, similar to the Bitcoin blockchain.

Aureus combines the best features of cryptocurrencies – its ability to fuel global, cross-border financial transactions almost instantly, with the best economic opportunities the modern economic system provides. This way, the holders of Aureus Crypto-Token (AUR) are rewarded not just via its use as a cryptocurrency (similar to Bitcoin), but also as an investment vehicle that grows in value and provides Bitcoin dividends to the holders.

The Aureus Crypto-Token will derive its value based on the Aureus Bitcoin Trust (ABT) that holds 15,000 Bitcoins from a previously failed community lending program. This is a community of over 140,000 members, thus giving the Aureus Crypto-Token a huge network effect right at the beginning of the project. At this time, only this founding community owns the AUR tokens.

Press Release
Press Release

This money will be managed via Cryptocrest, which has a long history and proven experience in managing investor money in the regular economy. Therefore the goal of Cryptocrest is to increase the value of ABT, which helps increase the value of the Aureus Crypto Token. In addition, the ABT has been trusted into the safe hands of Selachii DAA (Digital Asset Authority), an independent third party custodian of digital assets. Selachii DAA will therefore act as the custodian, ensuring Cryptocrest manages ABT with utmost integrity and transparency.

The Aureus public wallet is currently available on the Android Store and a customized edition of the Bitlox hardware wallet. Bitlox is a strategic partner to Aureus, providing cutting-edge secure and reliable mobile wallet technology.

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