Guide 6: AureusCC does not update AUR amount?

You already registered your Aureus public wallet (app wallet) for claiming dividend at AureusCC but when you has more AUR, AureusCC update not correctly your latest AUR amount.

The main reason is Aureus public wallet will automatic generate new address each time you receive a payment. Therefor when you send new AUR to your public wallet, it will be delivered in new address of your public wallet (not the same with the address wallet you already registered with AureusCC), that why AureusCC cannot update correctly your AUR amount.

Here is how to correct it:

  1. Goto to AureusCC to get the address of your app wallet already registered.
  2. Goto Aureus wallet app and send all your AUR to this address (this likes move your AUR from an address to another address of  your wallet).
    (Note: You will need to do this step every time you receive new AUR so let save this address to Address book of Your Aureus Wallet)
  3. After send transaction has confirmation, go back AureusCC to update your amount again. Done.

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