Guide 5: Register Wallet to get dividends by BTC

Please start to register your wallet to gain dividends. Only verified wallet are allowed to receive dividends:

Step 1: Register account at, this is a platform that distribute the dividend by BTC for each Aureus.

Step 2: Send Aureus from your AureusCentral to your Aureus Personal Wallet (App Wallet)

Please note that:

  • You just could withdraw (send out) maximum 30% of Aureus balance per month from AureusCentral
  • You just could withdraw (send out) once a month.

Step 3: To verify you are the owner of this address

You must send 0.001 AUR (just 0.001) from App Wallet to Aureus.CC. This will let Aureus.CC automatically update amount of Aureus from your App Wallet then calculate % of stake holder of your Aureus to get dividends.

That’s all and wait to dividend payout date and check your BTC wallet at AureusCC for your credit.

Note: Later if you need send out or buy more AUR to increase your % stake, you just need to send to the App Wallet address (already verified in Step 3) and no need to do Step 3 again. 

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