Guide 3: Backup/Restore your personal Aureus wallet

The most important thing you must do, after creating an Aureus personal wallet is backup your wallet. This will help you to restore your wallet if your phone was lost or cannot accesss. You have 2 ways to backup your wallet:

  • Save your 12 phases when you create your wallet.
  • Export your wallet to Text file or QR code

1. How to  backup your wallet by Export wallet function:

2. How to Import your Aureus wallet when you re-install Aureus app:

There is 2 ways of import:

  • Using 12 phases backup
  • or Using text file exported (recommend this way)

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  • Joepis724098

    Saya telah daftar satu wallet..dan tranfer aur ke wallet tersebut.. Kemudian wallet tersebut telah terpadam.sekarang saya tidak tahu macam mana nk dapat kan kembali wallet tersebut..

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